What is GolFinance?

GolFinance is a Football Soccer Themed Ecosystem and DeFi protocol with the mission creating an all-in-one solution for maximizing users yields while providing a secure, fast and low gas fee experience.


The protocol includes:

• AMM DEX & Yield Farming DApp.

Deflationary tokenomics.

• Automated compounding yield aggregator.

• Football soccer themed NFT Game.


$GOL tokenomics and fees are designed to encourage long term staking, and reward holders.


We want to make your life easier. Our automated compounding strategies will save users lots of time, while providing higher yields.

all in one solution

Apart from GolSwap & GolToken, GolFinance will offer a complete ecosystem including GolVaults, all kinds of NFTs and much more.


Users can mint NFTs, build their own football team and compete with each other, while being able to stake NFTs to earn $GOL.


⚽ GolFinance v1

  • Landing Page
  • GolToken: Deflationary Token used for rewarding users.
  • GolSwap: GolFinance’s DEX
  • GolFarm: GolFinance’s Yield Farming / Liquidity Mining

⚽ GolFinance v2

  • GolVaults: Automated Compounding Vaults that optimize users yields

⚽ GolFinance v3

  • GolNFTs Collection: Managers, Players, YieldBoosters, Prizes.
  • GolNFT Minting: Using GolTokens to mint GolNFTs
  • GolNFT Staking: Earn GolTokens by staking GolNFTs
  • GolDAO: NFT based Governance

⚽ GolFinance v4

  • GolSafe: Insurance Options
  • GolPool: Lossless Lottery
  • GolBet: Prediction Markets
  • GolPlay: NFT Game
  • Cross-Chain / Multi-Chain

our team

Maradona spends the vast majority of his time driving features to take GolFinance to the next level. Maradona is the team’s source of wisdom as he has been a developer for +30 years, and laser focused on the blockchain/crypto space for the last years. He’s also a cybersecurity expert and will make GolFinance a state-of-the-art protocol in terms of security and reliability.
He’s the type of player you want backing you. While he’s a developer at heart, Pele has incredible business acumen and is quietly orchestrating many of the business decisions behind the scenes. He’s a die-hard crypto enthusiast and has more confidence in GolFinance than you could ever possibly imagine. Friendly to everyone and unusually optimistic, Pele makes a great people pleaser and business connector.
He lives, breathes, and thinks GolFinance 24/7. Tangibly, Messi spends the vast majority of his time working to make GolFinance a long-term success. He’s a true fan of anything crypto economics, analytics, and engineering. He balances out this nerdy skill set with some soft skills that compliment every member on our team. He’s also a bit of a yield farming addict, always looking for his next farm and constantly staying up to date on the space.
We have many other players behind the scenes helping with market analysis, designs, code pushes, business development, community management, and more.

NOTE: All names used are just NICKNAMES, and don’t reffer to any real football player. The team prefers to keep their names private for both protocol security and personal safety reasons. We believe decentralization is the path and in code we trust.

Frequently asked questions

GolFinance integrates with other third party DApps and uses GolFarm in order to generate yields through different Yield-Farming and Lending protocols.

If you’d like to donate to GolFinance, send whatever you want to donate to any of these addresses:


ETH: 0x219e14f60E968510807A4f922506a6312eAFF56d

CFX: cfx:aasw4gam31fg8hfy81r2u9247smbgk6h0u1cvbuzx8

Thank you for your support!

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You don’t need to have any special experience or skills, there are many ways you can support the team! We will need community managers, ambassadors, artist, designers, developers, and much more.

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